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How To Light Your Studio Apartment

Just because your studio apartment or smaller living space lacks something in feet and inches, doesn’t mean it has to lose out in style.

Follow our handy lighting tips and see how you can make the most of your small or one roomed apartment!


The first idea that you need to take on board is to install ambient lighting, in your smaller or bijou apartment.

Inbouw led spotjes are prime examples of something that can be installed easily to create an ambient lighting effect.

Built in spots which are LEDs can be positioned on both sides of the room to create a gentle and natural looking light.

They also can shine a light, literally into your darkened recesses. This achieves the effect of making the smaller room appear larger.

So never think that just because it is small, that it automatically needs less lighting. It doesn’t.

In fact, in some respects it might need more.

This is because your room is multi-tasking to a far higher degree than most other living spaces. And it is having to do it all in a much smaller area.

This is why having a range of lighting options available to establish different spheres – and also different moods – is so essential.


Remember, your studio apartment, by day may be a sitting room, in the evening, suddenly becomes a kitchen and at night it returns again to be a bedroom. That is a lot of changes and those changes require all the separate lighting that three separate rooms would do.

Specific inbouw led spots keuken can be fitted to the kitchen side of the room. These small, but practical, LED fittings help provide the focus lighting needed for you to concentrate on tasks such as cooking and chopping.

Just because your room must be all things at different times, does not mean that you shouldn’t get the same task lighting as you would do in a much larger space.

Inbouw led spotjes by LED Inbouwspots LEDs can be used throughout the smaller apartment to emphasize each separate zone. From kitchen, to bedroom or study, they can set the tone and allow just the right lighting in each relevant area.


One good way of detracting from the small floor size is to focus the attention upwards.

If your ceiling is higher than average, then even better.

Low hanging pendant lights can emphasize the height of the ceiling as much as built-in LED spots can when they used as uplighters.

Even if your ceiling is not particularly high, accentuate it by painting it a light color and maybe think about installing a high shelf along the top of the wall. This will help draw the eye upwards and make the ceiling look higher.


Even in the smaller apartment, you can still afford to have one signature piece which attracts the attention of the eye.

This could be a large or unusual standing lamp or possibly even a chandelier.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to make everything in your bijou apartment small and negligible. It is okay to have one or even maybe two statement pieces – just as long as you don’t cram the whole apartment with them!


This is an old interior designer trick, but it works.

The use of large mirrors in smaller rooms makes them look larger. Position them carefully where they will catch either the sun’s rays or the inbouw spotjes LED.


Lastly, the easiest way to retain control over all the zones in your compact apartment is via the dimmer switch.

These come in all types and badkamer spots led opbouw and badkamer spots LED dimbaar can transform your tiny bathroom area into something fully atmospheric and ambient.